Thursday, April 17, 2008

I Love My iMac's Screen

For non-work computing, my 24" iMac is my main machine. For work-related computing, I have a 20" HP 2035 LCD attached to my ThinkPad.

I used to think the HP display is pretty good, until recently, when I have been spending an increased amount of time in front of my iMac. The increased use of my iMac made me notice how dim and blurry the HP display is. At first I thought it is a settings thing, so I tried to tweak with the physical controls and the software settings. I also tried switching to a DVI connection to see if it helps. But nope. The iMac screen is just that much brighter and easier to read, even given Mac OS X's preference to render fonts such that they more closely resemble the actual look of the font over pixel-level sharpness (which is favored by Windows). And this is when I have the iMac's screen set at the lowest brightness level available via the OS.

This realization is now making me wanting to order a new LCD for work. Does anyone know of a comparable display I can use for work?

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