Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Which Rails IDE?

Well, things have been interesting on the Rails IDE front for me.

I made a trip from Aptana to vim to Xcode to Aptana. Then, I landed in NetBeans. NetBeans is pretty cool, and it has a smaller footprint than Aptana.

Now that RadRails 1.0 has been released, I am now back in Aptana. What I missed about Aptana is fuller support for Subversion (via the Subclipse plug-in) and the CSS editor.

I have also been doing some Prototype/Scriptaculous stuff while I was in NetBeans. I get the feeling Aptana is better for JavaScript editing. Now that I am back in Aptana, I am about to find out.

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Petr Jiricka said...

Hi, not sure which version of NetBeans your tried, but you may want to know that NetBeans 6.1 has a vastly improved JavaScript editor, plus many new features in the Ruby/Rails area.