Thursday, March 6, 2008

Updated Ruby Scripts for Leopard's Terminal

I now have two scripts I find useful when working within Leopard's Terminal. One is to open one or more tabs within the current window, and the other is to open one or more windows. The key advantage these scripts give you over hitting Command-T or Command-N on the keyboard is that you get to specify what directories the new tabs and windows start off in. The default is the directory you are in when either script is run.

Furthermore, both scripts now apply the current settings to the new tabs and windows created. For example, if I am working inside a terminal session using the "Grass" settings, new tabs and windows created using my scripts will have the same settings applied to them. Tabs opened using my earlier script always got the settings you've marked as default.

As before, these scripts make use of the rb-appscript gem.

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