Sunday, March 30, 2008

Time Machine Bug

My Leopard installation seemingly choked sometime in December after a software upgrade. Apparently, as a co-worker informed me later, the "fix" was to boot into safe mode, and then reboot again normally. Since I didn't know better at the time, I decided to perform a restore from Time Machine.

Afterwards, I began noticing certain weirdness that would crop up every once in a while with postfix. It happened again just now, where postfix was complaining really loudly into system.log the following message:

postfix/master[4751]: fatal: open lock file pid/ cannot create file exclusively: No such file or directory

Doing a man master told me that it is expecting the /var/spool/postfix/pid directory to exist. After I created it manually via sudo, I thought all would be well, until I saw that the error messages changed to this:

postfix/master[5266]: fatal: fifo_listen: create fifo public/pickup: No such file or directory

This time, trolling around Google turned up this tip by Felix Geisendörfer on how to re-create files and directories not backed up by Time Machine.

After running sudo /etc/postfix/post-install create-missing, all is well.

Thanks, Felix!

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sbbiz said...

create-missing was very helpful, thanks