Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Taking Steps Toward Universal Binary Support of Freeciv

Since MacPorts is what makes my Freeciv package possible, not only do I reap benefits from using it to bring Freeciv to Mac gamers, I also have to abide by its limitations.

Some limitations can be worked around. For example, sound support. By default, the sound set distributed with Freeciv are .ogg files. For whatever reason, the libraries provided via MacPorts cannot play them within Freeciv (I don't know if they work at all). However, the same libraries will play .wav files. So, I have converted the standard sound set to .wav and included them with my package.

A limitation that I don't know how to workaround is running the GTK+ client outside of X11. There is effort under way, but it is not there yet.

Another limitation is universal binary support. Much progress has been made in the way of building universal binary support into MacPorts. But, a few of the libraries Freeciv depends on (directly or indirectly) don't yet have universal support. When they do, I will be able to build a version of Freeciv with universal support. However, then there a question of whether producing a single set of binaries that will run on PowerPC Tiger, Intel Tiger, PowerPC Leopard, and Intel Leopard is possible or not.

Stay turned...

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