Friday, November 9, 2007

Leopard's X11 is Funky

From reading Ars Technica's review of Leopard, I knew something Leopard's X11 is different, but I didn't understand enough of the details to know how different until I looked into why my launcher is not working.

See, when you run my Freeciv launcher application and click on Run Freeciv, it ultimately executes the following command:

open -a X11 ~/Library/Application\

Under Tiger, this command launches X11 if it is not running, and causes the script to run, which in turns launches the GTK game client.

However, under Leopard, the same command launches X11 if it is not running, brings up an xterm window (with the strange title of "-xterm"), but the Python script does not run.  This is why my earlier post for the workaround works, because what you are doing is picking up where X11 left off.

I have filed this as a bug with Apple.  In the meantime, I will look into an alternate way to kick off the game client from within my launcher.

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j said...

From what I've read, in Leopard X11 launches automatically when an X program is run from the terminal. Knowing that, I simply removed the "open -a X11" part of your command, and typed "~/Library/Application\
Support/Freeciv/2.1.0/" into the Terminal, without X11 running. Sure enough, X11 started up, and Freeciv started running just fine. So, it seems the key might be not manually starting up X11.